New Makeup Purchases and Reviews

Did you all have a great October? Spending the weekend in San Francisco and experiencing the SF Giants parade and Halloween in one day was a fun time! I have a very busy month of November coming up, so I made a few new makeup purchases that are mostly “staples” to my makeup collection, and they definitely came in handy this weekend.

1. Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 115 – I’ve been needing a foundation that I can use when I go out at night, especially because my friends and I (mostly I) love to take photos and capture each moment. This foundation is great because it’s smooth, full coverage, and when I take pictures while wearing this, it does not make my face appear lighter than my natural skin complexion. One thing that I truly dislike is when I am wearing a foundation that has SPF in it, and it makes me look lighter than I actually am!

2. Kat Von D Ink Eyeliner – Now that I’ve become a little better at applying eyeliner and creating a winged-liner look (at least in my opinion) I decided I could graduate to trying Kat Von D eyeliner, because I have heard a lot of hype around these liners. Well, all I have to say is that it definitely does live up to the hype! Yesterday when I went to the Giants Parade, it was raining like crazy, and since this liner is waterproof, my liner lasted throughout the entire day! Even after all of the rain and cold weather, my winged-liner still appeared flawless.

3. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Divine Wine – I have been trying to follow fall makeup trends, and I definitely wanted to jump on the bandwagon of the “dark lip look” for fall. I originally wanted to try Mac’s lipstick in Diva, which is a great matte burgundy color, but I wanted to find a more affordable option. I discovered Divine Wine after watching a review and swatches video on YouTube. The YouTube beauty guru said that this specific lipstick was a perfect dupe for Mac’s matte lipstick in Diva, and she was absolutely right! The color pay off is awesome, but if you have dry lips like I do, you should definitely apply a lip balm or lip primer before applying this lipstick. Overall I’m loving this color for fall, and get it fast because it’s selling out like crazy!

Have fun discovering new goodies this month!



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