New MAC Cosmetics Purchases


Hello everyone! Here are a few purchases I recently made at MAC. I’m really starting to love exploring MAC’s line of makeup products, so far I’m impressed!

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder-Pressed – I can’t tell you how long I’ve been on the search for a finishing powder that doesn’t make me appear lighter in complexion when I take pictures, but this powder does exactly what I want it to! As you can see from the photo, I have already used it a bunch. It finishes my makeup, leaves my skin with a matte finish, and I look normal in photos with a flash (woohoo!). What I also like about this powder is that you can apply as much as you want without overdoing the coverage.

Prep + Prime Lip – I can get some pretty dry lips sometimes (okay all the time) especially during the winter, and this lip primer is very creamy and hydrating! I love putting this on before I apply my lipstick because it helps the formula last. If you want, you could even apply this lip primer as a lip balm if your lips need some hydration.

Lipstick- Captive – I absolutely love this lipstick for everyday use! It has a Satin finish, so it appears both matte and creamy. I do find myself reapplying the lipstick after a few hours, but I personally don’t mind especially if I’m just wearing it to go shopping or run errands.

Lipstick- Lickable – If you’re like me and you’ve never tried any pink lipsticks before, this is definitely a great option. It has a Creamsheen finish, so the color pay off is sheer and not too overpowering. Overall I’m really loving the different types of MAC lipsticks, I think they definitely live up to the hype!

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